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I'll try to keep this updated.

Also, mass disclaimer: As I do not put disclaimers on my work generally, I must point out that I am not affiliated with any of the people, shows, or works listed below. I merely borrow them as part of my creative outlet. If you googled yourself and found yourself here, a) stop googling yourself and b) please don't tell me you found this.

There is now a googledoc spreadsheet masterlist, if that is helpful at all. I also have some my AO3 account, but only certain fics are up there at the moment.

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Mats Zuccarello: Norwegian Hobbit Wizard

tv | arrested development | good times
a primer by liz and hk!!

The Basics:

Mats André Zuccarello Aasen was born September 1, 1987 in Oslo, Norway and is of Sicilian and Norwegian descent, which helps explain why he doesn’t look like a stereotypical Norwegian. He doesn’t speak Italian, though apparently he has tried to learn. Through the Frisk Tigers, he was offered a scholarship to The Norwegian School of Elite Sports which is dedicated to allowing students to pursue their athletic and academic careers simultaneously. After playing in the Swedish premiere league, he was signed as a free agent to the New York Rangers following his performance in the Vancouver Olympics. He became only the seventh Norway-born NHL player and is currently the only one in the league.

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hockey | stammer & subban

Yo what up hockey fandom! So free agent day is over and we're getting into the dead weeks before the preseason. To keep ennui from settling in, twitter thought maybe perhaps we could do another rare pairs fest. As such, most of the rules are shamelessly borrowed from that one.

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hockey | division boyfriends

The true story of how two boys from different countries bonded over hockey, baseball, and chocolate chip cookies.

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hockey | everybody do the landeskog
The ficathon you know you have been secretly been waiting for.

Taylor Swift Lyrics
Taylor Swift Music Videos

The way this is going to work:

  • Nominate a song in the comments (please link to the lyrics and/or provide them in the comment).

  • If you have a specific prompt to request for a song, comment in the thread with it.

  • Writers are welcome to write for songs without prompts as well as specific prompts.

  • If the spirit moves you to vid or art or something else that isn't fic, that is also welcome!

  • Please provide warnings for common triggers and anything that's NSFW!

  • When you've filled a thing, post a comment to this thread with the song, title, and pairing.

  • Ask any questions here.

  • Have fun, be nice, etc.

Filled Prompts:
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Hockey Fandom 102: Advanced Edition

hockey | baby penguin
Once upon a time I wrote a quick and dirty intro to hockey fandom and its primary pairings/fanon interpretations. Now this was nearly a year ago by now and I'm better educated and also there are a lot of people I love who don't have a whole lot of fic written about them. So right now I'm going to talk about some pairings I like and why you should ship them with me.

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What a Beaut!: Final

hockey | lil bug
We are now down to the final two gentlemen! Detailed results of last round here. Vote here.

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What a Beaut!: Semi-Finals

hockey | international man of crime
Much love to those of you who voted for Crosby, the dear child lost to the King by a mere two votes. In any event, detailed breakdown of quarter-finals is here.

We've got an interesting mix in our conference finals! Three Swedes and two goalies! Take a look at these handsome fellows below and vote here.

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